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Moonlight Media is a digital publishing company specializing in the cannabis industry. Through its web assets and deep expertise in the field, Moonlight Media’s success stems from the development of its own investments and its advisory role with other players in the space.

We are entrepreneurs, consultants and fundraisers. We invest in the growing cannabis market by developing our own digital revenue generating entities and providing a range of consulting services – strategy, growth and corporate development -- to other businesses in the industry.

Beyond that, we use our knowledge of the market and its players to identify the next trend, business opportunity and market development. The entrepreneurial spirit of Moonlight Media allows us to be flexible enough to jump on what’s next to the benefit of our investors, partners and others in our network.

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Moonlight media has its hands in many pots. We take proven online models and adjust them to the service of growing cannabis-centered business models. From lead generation, to crowdsourcing to advertising, we’re an equal opportunity digital publisher.

The team at Moonlight Media has a combined 50+ years of experience thinking through the complexities of start-ups and the use of technology in emerging markets.

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"National sales [of the legal cannabis market] were fueled by explosive growth…from $373.8 million in 2014 to $1.2 billion in 2015".

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